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Connecticut Buttons


Regimental Flags

Placing the flags in the state capitol on Battle Flag Day September 17, 1879

The 27th CVI left the state of Connecticut with the regulation compliment of two flags, comprised of a National Standard and a Regimental Standard, being the state flag. Both flags were regulation size, being six by six-and-a-half feet long, made of silk with gold fringe. The battle flags were carried by the regiment at Fredericksburg and Gettysburg. At Chancellorsville, Colonel Bostwick ordered the flags and the Color Guard to remain behind and not go forward with the Regiment. Had they gone forward, they would have been captured with the bulk of the Regiment and most probably lost to us today. The original flags of the 27th were placed in the Capitol on Battle Flag Day in 1879. The description of the flags’ condition at the time was entered as follows “One National, good; one state, poor, looped.” These flags are currently awaiting restoration and are not on display for the public.

The Re-created 27th CVI carries both a State and National flag, each an exact copy of the flags the original 27th carried.

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